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About US

Bender’s Tropical Grove

Started from the owner’s passion for growing rare and exotic tropical fruits back in 1996. We are located in Davie, Florida in Broward County. Since 1996 many of our customers who would come by to buy fruit would ask how they could establish there own edible landscape. A few years ago we started to carry a few tropical fruit trees to satisfy our customer demand, and as they say…”the rest is history!”

Mike Bender, President of Bender’s Tropical Grove, is not only a rare fruit hobbyist but a master gardener as well. We hand pick all out trees for health and vitality. All our trees are grafted or air layered to ensure maximum production and variety. We carry tree sizes from 3-gallon on up to 25-gallon sizes (25 gallon or larger sizes are by special order only).

We pride ourselves on providing the absolute healthiest trees for your landscape and garden. Many of the trees we sell, we also grow in our grove, so our customers can see them at maturity. So, if you are like many folks today, and are thinking of growing your own edible landscape, come by and check us out, you won’t be disappointed!

Whether you are in the market for one tropical fruit tree or plan on planting your own orchard, we are here to help.


Mike Bender